Miramar Beach

At the helm of the azure Arabian Sea dotted with fishing boats, barges and casino boats, basking in the warmth of glorious sunsets, is Panjim’s beloved Miramar Beach. The scene for so much activity, right from city folks taking leisurely walks to out-of-towners enjoying the soft silky sands, to college kids simply ‘hanging out’ – Miramar, which means ‘sea-view’ in Spanish, has something for everyone. There is a crowd but it’s never packed – no menacing water sports, no clamour for beach beds and certainly no lack of peace and quiet. Just find a corner under a palm tree or besides a sand dune for yourself and relax.

Miramar is fairly safe to hang around any time of the day. However, swimming here is precarious, so unless you’re a Micheal Phelps, it would be best to just splash around rather than really try your hand at swimming far into the sea because though it has consistently good (though crowded) waves it can be a bit of a rough ‘n’ tumble swim.

Things to do: The Miramar Beach is ideal for those refreshing evening strolls. Evenings at Miramar are bustling with activity. The ‘I Love Panjim’ mobile food stalls line up religiously each evening, dishing out some of the very best street food in Goa. From shawarma, to Maggi, to the good ol’ chat stands, the ever unfailing chowmien, and the very colorful ‘golas’  – each stall has a story to tell of a cuisine it adapted to suit the street palate.

A hop across Miramar beach is the hangout of the hip Dhempe college crowd, literally an extension of their canteen- Cafe Coffee Day.

Location: From Goa International Airport : 38 km , Margao Railway Station : 36.4 km , Kadamba Bus Terminus : 3.4 km.

Image Credits: Rukmini Mukherjee

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