The Monsoon Magic In Goa

It is always better in Goa- rain or shine!!!!!

It is that that of the year, swap your swimsuits and sunscreen for trekking boots and a poncho. Jason Santos takes you through all things good that Goa has to offer over the next few months. Don’t let the gloomy skies and pouring rain drown your trip to Goa.

The monsoons in Goa is a spectacle to behold. As the dust settles and the browns wash away, it is time for a lush green makeover. With cloudy skies, wild raging beaches and swaying coconut trees, the monsoon hits. The sights and sounds that take over are a joy- farmers getting to work at their fields, fishing boats huddled up, kids going to school in bright raincoats, people fishing along the numerous rivers and streams that line the villages, the sounds of frogs and gushing water also come to life during the season.

While the heavy rains deter most tourists, Goa in the monsoons is another experience all together- if you’re willing to sacrifice a lil beach time. Here are some of the reasons Goa during the monsoons is equally irresistible.

It is green all over: 

If you love getting lost among the lush greens of nature, this is the best time to head to Goa. With everything taking on a green shade, this is also the best time to step into the wildlife sanctuaries as well as explore the villages; enjoy leisurely walk or drives across the state. Drive up to the Ghats and take in the views of rain clouds dance their way across the mountain heads and maybe catch a rainbow in the distance.

Cut out all the noise and crowd: 

It is also that time of the year most consider ‘off- season’ in Goa. The noise reduces, the crowds at various tourist spots are minimal and exploring the place is a much nicer experience.


Everything in Goa gets cheap- from hotel stays to air travel. What you save on travel and hotel, you can splurge on having a blast at various party destinations across the state that are open through the monsoon season.

Monsoon Activities: 

While you surely cannot go para- sailing or hop onto a banana boat- this season offers a whole bunch of other options to be part of. Kayaking down rivers and the back waters or trek up to waterfalls or even grab a fishing rod and head out to catch your own fish. The options are endless.

The party doesn’t stop: 

While the rains may seem like a dampener to the fun and frolic- Goa knows how to party even with the rains. Three major festivals- San Joao, Chikal Kalo and Bonderam all celebratebthis season. Besides cultural festivities- several restaurants and bars continue the revelry with parties, karaoke nights, pub quizzes and live music gigs.

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