Nothing spells romance than exchanging vows against a picturesque backdrop of a palm-swaying tropical beach. Combine your special occasion with a fun holiday to unite family and friends.

An announcement of a shaadi in Goa is bound to send waves of excitement. Given Goa’s reputation as a hot wedding destination, it’s advisable to plan a year ahead to avail of the best rates. Event planners in Goa are well appraised for the requirements to fi t the couple’s needs. Size doesn’t matter with parties ranging from a Big Goan wedding to an intimate crew. Goa’s ideal sunshine topography can take you from the beach views to the lap of nature in the hinterland. Beachside venues at hotels and open-air venues off er umpteen choices. Since Goa celebrates 365 days a year, a monsoon wedding may not only bring you a shower of blessings but may be easier on the budget.

Today themes are far from few. A cursory search on Instagram and Pinterest reveals endless options that are easily customised to each one’s taste. Go for a masquerade night, or add some Bollywood zing to your sangeet, or opt for a beautiful white wedding. All the excitement and dancing need a well-laid out spread. Catering for a wedding can create an unforgettable bash.

After the wedding, the honeymoon can continue under the clear, blue tropical skies.

Goa makes for a spectacular backdrop for weddings

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