Must Visit Waterfalls In Goa

If you like adventure and don’t mind slugging it out with a trek,  head to these spots. Each waterfall has a charm of its own,  some treks are easier, while some are a little treacherous but  worth the eff ort, when at the end you relax in the spray of a  mighty waterfall. 

Savari: With two routes to get to the base of the falls, one  an easy climb down and the other a 45 minute trek along  the stream that leads up to the waterfall. A relatively easy  trek and manageable for all age groups. 

Mainapi: A massive waterfall during this season. The  first hour of the trek is along an easy path, the latt er bit  gets slippery and you have to get your hands dirty. The  waterfall is active all year and a great place to explore even  downstream. 

Virdi: A massive waterfall hidden deep within the Chorla  Ghats, an hours trek along some tricky terrain will lead  you to this beauti ful spot. Ideally a place to visit after the  monsoons, or spotted from the viewpoint on the road. 

Dudhsagar: Goa’s biggest waterfall. Plunging 130 meters,  this waterfall is a four- ti ered fall, one of India’s most  beautiful. A perfect day trip to go out and enjoy the day  trekking to the waterfall and just taking in the beauty of the  area. You would have to book a tour for this (available with  GTDC). 

Charavane: A common spot for locals and tourists alike, this  waterfall is massive during the monsoon season. An easy  trek into the wilderness will lead you to this falls. It is worth  visiti ng during the monsoon as it is in full flow.   

Author: Planet Goa Team
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