Nagesh Love Forest

True to its enchanting name, the Nagesh Love Forest is pretty romantic. Canopies of thick foliage and pretty paths dot the forest. The road to love can be pretty rocky though, and this trek does have its share of boulders and rocks to negotiate. The Nagesh Love Forest Trek is a great first time trek and its completely controlled environment makes it is a perfect place for ‘newbies’ to cut their first teeth. The trek is along a well laid out predetermined path with various points of interest properly demarcated.

The main attractions at the venue are the rappelling course, (for descending over rocks and boulders during mountaineering), and the setup for the Flying Fox and Burma Bridge which are various methods of crossing a river under inhospitable conditions. There is also a very unique fish pond where participants are encouraged to take a natural pedicure with the fish biting away the dead skin from their feet! A great place for a family picnic or outing, the Love Forest offers an array of interesting experiences, including excellent bird-watching. This is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts who get the opportunity to encounter the black leopard, rabbits, deer, monkeys, snakes and jungle cats.



Author: Planet Goa Team
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