New Guirim road to be closed for 7 days

The new Guirim road (near the Guirim-Namoxi junction) will be closed to traffic for one more week. It had caved in last month in June. When the road was being repaired, the heavy machinery damaged a water pipeline which caused more delays in the repair work.

When the road collapsed suddenly, there was a lot of water, and the PWD and WRD officials had no idea where it was coming from. They then discovered that one out of three pipelines had burst. It is suspected that the old pipeline was leaking which caused the road to collapse.

Both the pipelines have been repaired. Compacting has been done below the pipelines so that they have a soft place to rest. It will take four days to set. As of now, traffic is being diverted to another route.

(Image used for representational purpose only)

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