New museum in Goa to celebrate ancestors

A new museum in Goa will be all about the state’s ancestors. It will display Goa’s history and will be a walk down memory lane for all those who visit. Aspects of life in the olden times will be showcased.

All this will be at the Goa State Museum’s new building at Ela, Old Goa. Many artefacts and objects are already there to be viewed by the public for free. After the new building is ready, the culture and traditions of Goa’s ancestors will be displayed through maximum artefacts and objects in a better form.

Since the original building of the Goa State Museum at Patto wasn’t in good condition, it was temporarily moved to the Adil Shah Palace in Panaji.

Four private museums have access to government assistance. There is a scheme that helps set up private museums.

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Pic Credit – tripadvisor

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