Our Product

The Planet- Goa Magazine

Our flagship product, the Planet-Goa magazine is Goa’s first and also the ultimate destination and lifestyle publication, which tells you just about everything that you need to know about Goa. It is packed with destination news, features, upcoming events, offers, the varied lifestyles of Goa – rural and urban, info on things to do, places to visit, sightseeing and stay options and even has a listing of interesting real estate options which does tend to entice readers to think about simply investing in that piece of land or holiday home for themselves. This unique and premium product has a die-hard and loyal fan base that can’t wait to get their hands on it month after month, and they can often be seen leafing through the magazine at leisure, apart from being found in the best homes of Goa at most times.

Planet-Goa is distributed nationally across all metros and other major cities in India through its distribution partner, India Book House (IBH) and can normally be found in any large bookstore worth its salt, across India. Over the years, the magazine has also established for itself a sizeable subscriber base from across India and even across the world. In Goa alone, it is retailed from almost 400 stores across the state and includes retail points which extend far beyond the traditional magazine vendor stall.

A clear favourite with hoteliers across Goa, the magazine is subscribed to by almost 4000 hotel rooms in Goa for the reading pleasure of their in-house guests as well as for placing at various vantage points.

The Planet- Goa Website

With smartphones, tablets, laptops etc now having entered everybody’s lives and fast becoming a medium to search for information, Planet-Goa first took time off to understand how this medium works, and then got down to creating this very unique website on Goa. Launched in 2011, www.planet-goa.com is a one stop shop for anyone who needs information about Goa that brings you the latest, most credible, most frequently updated and comprehensive information on all that Goa has on offer, right from the best stays, places to visit or of interest, to where to eat, holiday and sales offers, cruises, events, news etc – you name it and the information is there for you to browse through.

This apart, the site is now also ready to commence with some very unique and exclusive website products and services which include its own exclusive promo offers of best deals for the day, stay auctions, entertainment options offers, wining and dining exclusives, cruises on call, etc. While this is all aimed at enhancing what we call ‘the Goa experience’, this also makes www.planet-goa.com the most exciting website on Goa, to visit. Event and news updates are done by the hour, which makes it Goa’s most frequently repeat visit site too.

For the avid reader, who is more comfortable with his reading habit in a traditional magazine format, and does not want to miss out on his usual ‘fix’ of Goa because of having to go out and brave the traffic, rain, snow or simply does not like going into crowded market places, the website has the perfect solution at hand for them.

The site retails the hard copy of the magazine with delivery systems in place for an instantaneous doorstep delivery, be it a single-issue buy or buying a yearly subscription, ordering back issues or select issue packs, or maybe even gifting a subscription to a loved one. And for that netizen, it allows them to buy and download the soft copy of the print product on their iPhones, tablets and desktops anywhere in the world.

The site’s capabilities are further enhanced with its own payment gateway as well as PayPal account integrations, in place to handle all transactions from across the world in any currency. Easily the most detailed and extensive website dedicated to the destination, Goa, www.planet-goa.com is simply unique and one of Goa’s most frequented websites.

Planet-Goa Special Publications

Given the diversity of the products and places that exist in Goa, Planet-Goa has now also developed its Special Focus products with the first edition of the Planet-Goa Wine & Dine handbook having been released in 2013. Slated to come out every year, the book contains information on the wide variety and features some of the best places when it comes to wining and dining options that exist in Goa. Extremely well collated, aesthetically designed and packed with information on the subject, the book has already been acknowledged by the readers and trade as the best ever, what with its very stylish look and extremely high usage-appeal factor, when browsing. It is a complete must for every restaurant, bar, nightclub, party venues etc to be featured in this book because of its very essence of being a comprehensive list of culinary hot spots and eateries in Goa.

The Planet-Goa Special Publications unit will see many more such publications arrive in the near future, work on some of which are already in progress. 

Planet- Goa Special Language Products

The Planet-Goa stable also consists of a freshly compiled and translated version of the magazine in the form of Planet-Goa Russian Edition. This product came into existence in 2011 to fulfill the quest for information required by the sizeable market of Russian travellers who come in to Goa every season via the charter operators. Produced and released annually, it works as a very handy information platform for these travellers who are often not well-versed with the English language. In a magazine format it contains comprehensive information on Goa suited and customised to the needs of this segment of readers. Again, it is a complete must to be present in this publication for all establishments who wish to reach out to the Russian travellers to Goa with their message.

The success of this vertical has led to plans that will entail the launch of many more such targeted language publications, which would provide comprehensive information to different non-English speaking communities for their convenience.

Planet-Goa Events (On Ground)

Planet-Goa successfully launched its events unit with the launch of the Planet- Goa Retro House along with the Grand Hyatt Goa in 2013. Evenings of live retro music, these were essentially brand–led events which allows the Planet-Goa Retro House event sponsors to reach a prime segment of premium customers, both local domicile and holidayers, in a very cost-effective but with a high-impact brand message delivery approach. This has thereafter been extended to The Park, Calangute and can soon be seen happening in the other premium hotspots of Goa.

The Planet-Goa Events unit, in another first, also launched its Planet-Goa Golf Holidays for reaching yet another premium segment of golfing holiday seekers, which was till now virtually unheard of in Goa. In its nascent stages currently, this event property is already showing huge potential with sponsors in Goa wanting to communicate with the unique and so far unreachable golfing community about their brand message in an extremely high impact manner.