People with disabilities in Goa now have their own helpline!

People with disabilities in Goa will get extra help from the Goa police. The police have extended the reach of their senior citizens helpline and SOPs to them.

The SOPs state that the local police have to identify people with disabilities who live alone or with their spouses. This includes those who have to be alone for long periods of time during the day. After this, the person has to be filed through a disability registration form.

Those who are vulnerable have to be visited a minimum of once a week by beat staff, and once a month by the police inspector unfailingly. The aim of these visits is to make them aware of safety and security precautions and also to develop a bond with them.

Additionally, printed handouts in different languages including Braille have to be given to them. Audio messages should be given to the visually impaired. All complaints and distress calls by persons with disabilities have to be quickly handled by the local police. This is to help them live a healthy life and feel more secure.

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Pic Credit: Dreams Time

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Goa is a special place for Content Writer, Sheryl Gonsalves, with its picturesque beaches, gorgeous sunsets, rich heritage, and delicious food.

Author: Sheryl
Goa is a special place for Content Writer, Sheryl Gonsalves, with its picturesque beaches, gorgeous sunsets, rich heritage, and delicious food.

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