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A Trail To Hero Stones and Other Historic Vestiges from Bandora, Goa

EXPLORING a village is always exciting but when a native leads the walk one can expect a different experience altogether. So this time when ‘Soul Travelling’chose a local young woman – an English literature lecturer –Tanvi Bambolkar to lead the walk in Bandora, expectations ran high. And sure enough, the group stood mesmerised when Tanvi

Interview With An Entrepreneurial Genius In Goa – Jaydev Mody

Jaydev Mody, the man who can be credited with the success of the off-shore casino industry in Goa, got candid with Planet Goa about his life’s journey, likes, dislikes and lots more. With decades of work experience behind him, Mr. Mody has a wide range of interests which include gaming, textiles, real estate, horse racing

Gautam Mandhre’s Holiday In Goa

Gautam Mandhre working with a renowned NBFC in the Business Development Department was in Goa last in….  As we have a house here, we visit every three months I stayed at….  My Home Sweet Home at Vasco-Da-Gama I came with…  Family I chose to holiday in Goa because…  Me and My Wife are Simply In love

Festive Season

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Goicar, Goa’s No 1 Self Drive Car Rental Service

Gone are the days of that single largest worry that one had for making their holiday to Goa the ultimate dream holiday that ever was! Perhaps one of the few of its kind, Goa’s most professionally run Self-Drive Car Rental Service, Goicar Self Drive Car Rentals, is now at hand, for you and your family

Steps You Can Take To Minimise Your Impact While You Are In Goa

STOP, WAIT A MINUTE! YOU LOVE GOA? WE DO TOO! Here is what you can do to minimise your impact while you holiday, do your part towards the responsible tourism movement in Goa. Jason Santos takes you through what you can do to chip in. FUN and frolic underlines the tourism industry in Goa. With

LOUTOLIM The Land Of Green Fields And Palatial House

Team Planet Goa takes a trip to explore the beauty of Loutolim – the people, the places and the stories that makes this village intriguing place worth visiting. Loutolim is a quaint village situated downstream on the Zuari River. Driving along the scenic road parallel to the river, lanked with shipyards and paddy fields on either side.

Poonam H Singh’s Holiday In Goa

Poonam H Singh (Independent Retail Consultant and Restaurateur) I was in Goa last in : I travel on work twice a month I stayed at :  My apartment in Arpora i.e. Riviera Foothills I came with :  Alone I chose to holiday in Goa because :  It’s no longer a holiday destination for me but I

KUNBI: The Goan Fabric of Life

SARIS are such an integral part of the Indian consciousness, often fulfilling a plethora of needs other than those of mere clothing. Often, identity, history, heritage also become part of the garment. And every region of India has its own representative sari – Gujarat has the Bandhani, Orissa the Sambalpuri, Tamil Nadu the Kanjeevaram, Kerala

The Significance of the Season of Lent in Goa

“You are dust and to dust you shall return…” chants the priest ashe smears ashes on the foreheads of Catholics who begin their day in churches all over Goa on Ash Wednesday. SO begins the Season of Lent, a period of forty days where the people can mend their ways, seek forgiveness for ones sins,

5 Neighbourhoods To Live In North Goa

CITY living today is getting daunting and exhausting what with air quality in the metros dipping to an all time alarming level. Couple it with increased vehicular traffic, incessant construction and ascary rate of deforestation,more and more Indians are slowly gathering courage to let go of the life that hasso far been expected andaccepted in

You Know You’re In South Goa When…

THE world is a funny place, and it’s only getting crazier by the minute. Gone are the days of hopping onto the family llama for a quick trip downtown (if ever there were days like that); as a species, we are now more comfortable with being strapped into giant metal cans and flung towards the

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