Polem Beach

Polem Beach is the southernmost beach of Goa, just a stone’s throw away from the Goa Karnataka border. It is completely secluded with nothing but a large stretch of white sand and azure waters of the Arabian sea. The beach has a couple of shacks, but there are hardly any tourists. A small road off the National Highway leads to the beach.

The beach sees more visitors from the neighbouring town of Karwar in Karnataka than from Goa. Anjediv island is visible from this beach at a distance protruding out into the sea, just a few kilometers off the beach. The island is a naval base and off civilian limits.

Things to do: There are not many things to do on this secluded beach. There are limited staying options and very few shacks. This beach is perfect to enjoy absolute seclusion, to just sit down and do nothing, stare at the sea and watch a beautiful sunset.

Pic Credits: Sagar Purohit

Author: Planet Goa Team
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