Rampuri food festival @ Vivanta by Taj, Panjim

There is more to Rampur than its razor-sharp ‘Rampuri chaku’ and surreal poetry, the two things Rampur is always associated with. Vivanta by Taj, Panjim recently showcased the exquisite and elusive culinary legacy of the northern district of Uttar Pradesh. The cuisine is a reflection of the tastes of the Nawabs and their love for their meats. Meat is a crucial ingredient in the cuisine and that extends to all the courses, including dessert. Some of the dishes served during the fest, included the Tar Qorma, a thick and creamy yellow coloured gravy, with succulent and well-cooked mutton chunks; the Alu Qatlic, which had evenly sliced potatoes cooked in a thick mustard paste; Dal-e-Sultani, Saas-e-Dum Pulao, and the kebabs, all of which were delightful with a distinct pungent taste. The highlight of the menu was Gosht ka Halwa, a sweet dish made from mutton stirred in milk to a consistency of a thick porridge. Rampuri cuisine is truly fit for the Nawabs and makes you crave for a long nap after the delectable meal!

Text & Pics: Anuja Mavinkurve

Author: Planet Goa Team
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