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Britto’s A very popular seafood restaurant by the Baga Beach, Britto’s is one location that even the locals will direct you to if you’re on your own and not in

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Ritz ClassicLocated in Panjim city and Patto Plaza, Ritz Classic is known to be packed during lunch hours for their lip smacking fish thali. Apart from the same old fish

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Don’t you think Goa and Romance are synonymous? Well, you must be wondering that romancing in Goa is way too clichéd but trust me on the fact that Goa has

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When in Goa, you must do the Goan. Don’t take it the wrong way; I’m referring to the delectable Goan cuisine that you must indulge in during your stay or

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Goa boasts of its natural beauty. Its sparkling water bodies, pristine beaches, lush plateaus, whispering groves, and all the greenery that surrounds it is bound to adorn your dining and

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We’ve all had our crushes but how many of those crushes have we succeeded to transform into something special? My score is one and that one is forever. Want to