A retreat for the dreamer’s soul

Riverside Shakti Retreat is a serene homestay that combines the goodness of yoga with the energy of the mighty Chapora River.

A spiritual journey

Follow the Chapora River as it meanders to the Arabian Sea gently kissing the banks of Guddem Village, and you come across an oasis of tranquility at Riverside Shakti Retreat. The brainchild of Paramjit Anand, Riverside Shakti is one of those places that are very in tune with the sensibilities of its owner and its natural surroundings. Paramjit, also known as Pam by her friends, moved to Goa in 2008, with the sole purpose of embarking on a spiritual journey of her own. After travelling across India and spending time with gurus, she decided it was time to grow roots in Goa, a place that exuded the same serene tranquillity that she found in the knowledge and wisdom of her gurus. And thus came about Riverside Shakti Retreat, a place where people like her can come and experience profound peace and a deeper understanding of their consciousness.

Feels like home

Riverside Shakti is also Pam’s home. The rooms are carefully designed so as to give the guests their privacy, while at the same time offering a welcoming feel of community living. Bright, creative and aesthetic interiors lend a dash of quirkiness across the fourbedroom house, which overlooks the river with verdant views of the delightful little village of Guddem. But there are two things that truly encapsulate the spirit of the house: the gracious spiral staircase leading to the mosaic dome and the ‘pyramid room’. The pyramid room is the centre for all kinds of wellness activities in the house. Pam, who is an acclaimed yoga instructor, conducts her yoga and meditation sessions here. The space is also ideal for a workout as the large windows offer the best views of the river, the mountains, and the famous Goa sunsets. The adjoining terrace acts as the outdoor venue for spiritual escapades or simply lounging the glorious sunshine.

What we like best about Riverside Shakti Retreat is the fact that Pam has turned her home into a welcoming space for those who are looking for something more than just nightclubs, bars, and restaurants. Her retreats offer guests a chance to connect with themselves, enjoy nature, experience life, and do it all at their own pace. The house is available for larger groups who may want to rent out the entire place and Pam has help available for whipping up delicious meals or organising an itinerary for guests who would like to venture out and explore Goa. Riverside Shakti Retreat is definitely for those who are looking to spend time in a quiet place that is comfortable yet simple at heart.

Text: Amina Azad

Pics courtesy: Riverside Shakti Retreat


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