Sustainable farming practices are on the rise in Goa for the increasingly environmentally conscious consumer

Sowing Fresh Ideas to Boost Goa’s Organic Farming

Goa’s organic farmers are a beacon of hope for a new crop of eco-sensitive farmers. Over the decades, the small but rising green brigade ditched chemical pesticides for eco-friendly options. The fertile soil is fresh with ideas of taking organic farming to the next level.

Some of Goa’s noteworthy green heroes, Fr Inacio Almeida, is hailed as the Father of organic farming in Goa. He is lasting contribution like the Jatropha biofuel plant is well-known.

Clea Chandmal runs a 100% organic farm in Valpoi. She is a recognized expert in regenerative systems. Her innovation, Forest Floor Way, can repair soil anywhere. Her long-standing research over 30 years developed a ‘food forest’ at the foothill of the Western Ghats. She teaches regenerative farming methods and sustainable habitat strategies. The famous watermelons in Parra, a favourite of the late Shri Manohar Parrikar are known for their freshness and sweetness. Farms still cultivate the fruits in the village fields.

The fresh batch of organic farmers includes young guns who adopted complete sustainable farming practices on their properties. Vasudev Naik, the recipient of the Krishi Ratna award with his wife Priyanka, opted for a career in agriculture. They run an organic farm growing vegetables, coconut, areca nut, and banana. They produce vermicompost, bio-enriched manures besides maintaining apiary units. Anitha Mathew from Sal Bardez, who won the Krishi Vibhushan Award cultivated vegetables, bananas, and pineapple through organic methods on 1.8 hectares of land.

The future is certainly in the good hands of these youngsters.

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