Copperleaf’s Owner Sachin Paibir Recommends

Sachin Paibir, Owner, Copperleaf

The must visit beach and reason for it

Utorda beach

A not to miss non-beach place in Goa

The Goan heritage like forts, temples.

Your favourite local Goan food place

Home for sure. But other than home, it would

definitely be Copperleaf.

Your favourite Goan dish and where to have it

Fish Thali/ Chicken xacuti , obviously at Copperleaf.

Your secret spot in Goa

I would not call it secret, but I would prefer my temple at Shiroda.

If you are in Goa for a day

We are always in Goa, so I would say spending time with family is the most memorable time.

Your favourite place for an evening tipple

I don’t drink but just for a place I would prefer it to be on a shack.

Where would you let your hair down and party

I am not a party animal; I would prefer to stay at home and relax with family.

Best place to watch the sunset

Miramar Beach

Where would you want to get lost in Goa

Would like to be with nature

The nicest drive you would never miss

I like driving, traveling to Shiroda

A heritage site you wouldn’t miss

Tambdi Surla

Author: Planet Goa Team
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