Saligao Stories

The cuisine of the Nawabs makes its way to the land of sun and sand. Narrow lanes in quaint Saligao, have a hidden treasure which goes by the name of Saligao Stories. Bright white and yellow exteriors extend a warm welcome to the visitor and as one steps inside this heritage Portuguese mansion, one is greeted with the royalty and opulence which was associated with dining in the old days. Saligao Stories is perhaps one of the only places in town which offers authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, cooked and served as traditions demand. Saligao Stories is a product of Anisha Hassan’s love for the Hyderabadi cuisine mixed with her desire to do something with her ancestral home. It won’t be wrong to say that every aspect of the restaurant, right from the exteriors to the well laid out interiors, the al fresco sitting, the in-house lifestyle store; all reflect an aspect from the owner’s life. The restaurant is named so because every single item on display and the recipes used has a story behind it. Right from the plates on display which have been in the family for generations, to the sofas meant for lounging, to the chandeliers, every single aspect has been woven into the overall experience, with the aim of preserving the rich cultural heritage of Goa & Hyderabad. Recipes used at Saligao Stories are recipes from Anisha’s home and belong to her mother and grandmother. Every dish is prepared from scratch at the restaurant and apart from tasting delicious, looking visually appealing, the dishes also have this aroma which travels faster than the dish; your taste buds will be tantalized and mouths water, even before the dish is within sight. Each dish is prepared by Anisha herself and a focused team; and thus, to have the best of everything, make sure you reach in time like a Nawab to relish your meals in a wholesome manner. The Nalli Gosht recipe used at Saligao Stories has been a well preserved family secret, and it took Anisha some effort to get it out from her mother. Mutton is an essential part of the Hyderabadi cuisine, and at Saligao Stories the mutton is brought in from Delhi, to ensure that customers are served the best quality food. Much of the basic stuff is made at home, including the ghee and masalas which are used frequently in Hyderabadi cuisine. Even though the menu is heavily influenced by Hyderabad and Goa, it also includes crowd favorites from the global cuisine. Apart from traditional Hyderabadi dishes like Dum Ka Kheema, Kachi Biryani, Haleem and more, diners also get to pick from stuffed crabs, Jack Daniels BBQ wings, Roasted Bombay Potatoes and loads of other international dishes. Although the dessert spread includes all time favourites like the cranberry pie, my personal go to dessert at Saligao Stories would be the Double Ka Meetha; this is bread soaked in sweet syrup (the recipe of which you can find out once you visit Saligao Stories). This is the quintessential Hyderabadi dessert which probably no other place in Goa serves to my knowledge. With a young and enthusiastic team, Anisha Hassan aims to establish her restaurant in the culinary space of Goa. As she says, the only motto is, “getting good food on the table”. Saligao Stories truly brings Hyderabad to Goa and for the foodie in you, is a must visit place. Text: Shobhika Jaju Pics: Ayush Tandon & Denzil Sequeira [Saligao Stories], Shobhika Jaju

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