Se Cathedral, Our Lady of Three Necessities, Old Goa

The Se was built to replace the tiny chapel and hence designed on mammoth proportions. It measures 35.36 metres on the façade, is 76.2 metres long and 55.16 metres wide. Being so large, it took six kings and almost a century to be completed (1562-1651).

Architecture: The church has two isles, along which are eight chapels and a transept housing six altars. The altars in the chapels along the right are dedicated to Our Lady of Virtues, St. Sebastian, the Blessed Sacrament and our Lady of Life. To the right, the four chapels are dedicated to St. Anthony, St. Bernard, the Cross of Miracles and the Holy Ghost. The altars to the right of the transept are dedicated to St. Anna, Our Lady of Dolores and St. Peter and to our Lady of Sorrows, Our Lady of Three Necessities and Our Lady of Hope to the left. The bell tower which is located at the southern side of the façade houses five bells, the largest of them being called the golden bell on account of its rich sound. It is also the largest bell amongst all the bells in the belfries of Goa. There was a tower on the northern side of the façade too but it collapsed in 1776. The magnificent retable depicts the life and the triumph of the patroness of the Cathedral, St. Catherine of Alexandria, using gilded wooden panels.

Special attraction: Largest church bell called the golden bell on account of its rich sound

Location: Old Goa

Distance from Panjim: Around 11 Km

Image Credits: Jeevan Jaysing Mapari

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