Sunday Drive to Sri Mahadeva Tambdi Surla Temple

Date: 10th February 2023 | Text & Images by Alia Busheri There’s no denying the fact that you can always find something to do in the evenings; whether you’re in

When History comes back to Life…

What happens when pieces of history get majestically refurbished? A sight worth beholding of course! Lenny Baretto loves to give churches in Goa a transfigured look, including the stunning heritage

Ho Ho Ho! Harley Santas Ride All The Way To Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Hyatt Goa in collaboration with Harley Davidson Owners Group – Goa recently organised the annual Santa Run through the streets of the capital city and the scenic routes of

Grand Hyatt Goa marks the beginning of the holiday festivities by lighting up the Christmas Tree

Fairy lights and dreamy nights by the Bambolim bay with Santa hats dangling across the lush green lawns, sounds about the perfect way to enter the holiday season in style.


Pedal powering through Gorgeous Goa In his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig hit the nail on the head when he said that the view


I feel chuffed ….. Today I have pushed the envelope a little further and pushed the bar a bit higher for myself. I challenged the adage ‘You can’t teach an

Goa Night Activities (other than clubbing)

“I’m fed up. During the day there is a lot to do in Goa. But what is there to do in the night?” “There are a lot of nightclu…” “No.!..

The Changing Face of Assagao

A stone’s throw away from the congested and bustling Mapusa, lies the reticent and captivating village of Assagao. The picturesque village is seeing a sudden influx of new residents, who

The Significance of the Season of Lent in Goa

“You are dust and to dust you shall return…” chants the priest as he smears ashes on the foreheads of Catholics who begin their day in churches all over Goa

The Goan Village Life You Never Heard About and Saw

Goan villages are the heart and soul of the landscape of this tropical state. Characterized by close knit communities, traditions weaved in history, abundance of natural resources, stories passed through

Old Goa Reminiscent of Roman Glory

On the 25th of November 1510, Goa was conquered by the Portuguese while it was under the rule of the Bijapur Sultan, Ismail Adil Shah (1510 – 1534). The day

Leela Goa A Palatial Bird Sanctuary

LEELA Goa has been a beacon of luxury and comfort for discerning clients in south Goa’s idyllic Mobor. Known for its gorgeous meandering lagoons, the resort is a surprising haven

Hidden Gems Of Veling

HIDDEN gems of Veling, a walk curated by Soul Travelling, sounded like a treasure hunt and I found myself driving from my village of Benaulim early one morning. I wanted

You Know You’re In South Goa When…

THE world is a funny place, and it’s only getting crazier by the minute. Gone are the days of hopping onto the family llama for a quick trip downtown (if

LOUTOLIM The Land Of Green Fields And Palatial House

Team Planet Goa takes a trip to explore the beauty of Loutolim – the people, the places and the stories that makes this village intriguing place worth visiting. Loutolim is a quaint

The Romance In Goan Rains

As much as I’d like to feign ignorance and hide behind a giant mug of hot chocolate (with maybe a plate of onion pakoras on the side, if you insist)

Places To Visit In Goa Other Than Beaches

With the beaches too rough for a day out and a lot of other activities shut for the season, the monsoons is a time that sees a whole new variety

The Monsoon Magic In Goa

It is always better in Goa- rain or shine!!!!! It is that that of the year, swap your swimsuits and sunscreen for trekking boots and a poncho. Jason Santos takes

A Trail To Hero Stones and Other Historic Vestiges from Bandora, Goa

EXPLORING a village is always exciting but when a native leads the walk one can expect a different experience altogether. So this time when ‘Soul Travelling’chose a local young woman

5 Neighbourhoods To Live In North Goa

CITY living today is getting daunting and exhausting what with air quality in the metros dipping to an all time alarming level. Couple it with increased vehicular traffic, incessant construction

The Houses Of Goa Museum

Discover Gerard da Cunha’s museum showcasing the ‘houses of Goa’ The first time I chanced upon the very regal sounding Salvadar-do- Mundo village was when I went in search of

Feel the Traditional side of Goa

Every state has a few festivals synonymous with its name. Although Goa has a number of festivals, here’s a list of the ones that will let you feel the fiber

Churches of Goa

More than one hundred and fifty-nine churches and hundreds of chapels are scattered throughout the Goan landscape. A cluster of churches and chapels dotting the erstwhile capital city of Goa,

Temples of Goa

Goa – especially areas which came under the Portuguese rule centuries after the initial conquest, boast of architecturally rich temples with exquisitely sculpted stone icons, tall deep-sthambs, and beautiful water

Fragrances of Goa

The Goan villages are a must visit even if you are here for the parties and nightlife or for the beaches and scrumptious food. Unlike other parts of the country,

The Beauty of the land that lies in Natures hands

Everything that nature gave us Goa is synonymous with it golden shores and why not? Its grainy sand, and blue waters make for a paradise within a small state. And

Kurdi was once Upon A Time, A Village…

A quaint village in South Goa remains submerged for a greater part of the year and resurfaces at the end of long and hard summer. The village of Kurdi is Goa’s very own Atlantis! Let us explore this phenomenal ancestral town of the Kurdikars through our lenses.

Things To Do

Top 5 things to do when in Goa: 1) Take a dip…in one of Goa’s many natural springs. Ask a local guide to direct you to the closest one or check

Eccentric Goan villages

Modernizing at a rapid pace, Goa is dominated with malls and multiplexes, Wi-Fi zones and dotted with five star hotels. But one can still experience the real Goa, the way life was lived many decades ago, in the villages in the hinterland.