Sheela’s Bar & Restaurant

It’s an unassuming little place right opposite the beautiful St. Jacinto Island on the road leading down from Chicalim junction to Cortalim. Most people pass by always wondering why on a lonely stretch of the road, suddenly, there is a parking lot of cars from all over the state! It’s the allure of Sheela Bbar – a quaint little bar with modest décor. However that’s where the secret lies, because in this modest restaurant they serve food that is truly addictive. Each morning the fishing boats bring in the freshest catch from the sea and deposit it at Sheela Bbar where they transform it into traditional Goan sea food, cooked in the home of its owner. Sheela Bbar is a haven for people who enjoy fresh sea food. The place has managed to cut out the fancy and serve up the most basic food in flavours that are truly authentic. Each preparation is cooked to perfection and served without any frills – so all you get is the whiff of simple delicious food.

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Author: Planet Goa Team
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