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When History comes back to Life…

What happens when pieces of history get majestically refurbished? A sight worth beholding of course! Lenny Baretto loves to give churches in Goa a transfigured look, including the stunning heritage centuries-old churches. In conversation with SHERYL GONSALVES from Planet Goa, he speaks about his unique passion and what happens behind the scenes. So how did

Ho Ho Ho! Harley Santas Ride All The Way To Grand Hyatt Goa

Grand Hyatt Goa in collaboration with Harley Davidson Owners Group – Goa recently organised the annual Santa Run through the streets of the capital city and the scenic routes of Old Goa, all the way to the resort. The celebratory began in the early hours of Saturday morning where a group of over 40 enthusiastic


Pedal powering through Gorgeous Goa In his book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert M. Pirsig hit the nail on the head when he said that the view through a car window is just more TV and you are a passive observer. Whereas on a cycle the pleasure is becoming a part of

The Cross & The Tulsi

A leisurely drive around the countryside and one will notice either a Cross or a Tulsi adorning a prominent place in the compounds of Goan homes. The Hindus regularly perform a pooja of the Tulsi while the Catholics adorn the cross with marigold flowers, light candles and pray. However, once a year, a litany at


I feel chuffed ….. Today I have pushed the envelope a little further and pushed the bar a bit higher for myself. I challenged the adage ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. Why? At 63, female and solo – I joined a bunch of youngsters, all about 30ish, for a half-day trek of

Anatomy of a Goan Home

Goan homes exude a charm which can never be matched by the multi-stories which seem to be the trend of the hour. Appreciate the uniqueness of Goan homes through this article.     There is something very regal and yet whimsical about a Goan home, very European in its look, and yet very Indian, with the

Fontainhas – The Latin Quarters of Panjim

Quaint painted bungalows, churches and charming cafes keep the Latin magic of Goa alive in Fontainhas. All in all, a walk through this enchanting neighborhood is a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon. A historic journey awaits…TUCKED away in a tiny alcove of the capital city of Panjim, Fontainhas is a world in itself.

The Changing Face of Assagao

A stone’s throw away from the congested and bustling Mapusa, lies the reticent and captivating village of Assagao. The picturesque village is seeing a sudden influx of new residents, who are moving into the quaint town. The hotbed of new investments now has quaint cafes, yoga retreats, restaurants and boutiques springing up adding to its

The Significance of the Season of Lent in Goa

“You are dust and to dust you shall return…” chants the priest as he smears ashes on the foreheads of Catholics who begin their day in churches all over Goa on Ash Wednesday. SO begins the Season of Lent, a period of forty days where the people can mend their ways, seek forgiveness for ones

KUNBI: The Goan Fabric of Life

SARIS are such an integral part of the Indian consciousness, often fulfilling a plethora of needs other than those of mere clothing. Often, identity, history, heritage also become part of the garment. And every region of India has its own representative sari – Gujarat has the Bandhani, Orissa the Sambalpuri, Tamil Nadu the Kanjeevaram, Kerala

South is where THE HEART IS!

Canacona, situated in the extreme southern beach belt of Goa, possesses a rather unique character – one that is in stark contrast with the buzzing and noisier northern part of Goa known for its neon-coloured parties that go on till the wee hours. The Agonda – Palolem –Patnem belt, though cut-off from the hustle and

A Treasure-Trove Of Knowledge: THE PANJIM LIBRARY

GOA is best known for its beaches, parties, casinos, churches, food and historical places that are no longer functional such as the Augustine Tower. Very few people know about the Krishnadas Shama Library in Panjim. Its looks are deceptive with glass walls and white paint, and one is bound to think ‘a library is the last

You Know You’re In South Goa When…

THE world is a funny place, and it’s only getting crazier by the minute. Gone are the days of hopping onto the family llama for a quick trip downtown (if ever there were days like that); as a species, we are now more comfortable with being strapped into giant metal cans and flung towards the

Steps You Can Take To Minimise Your Impact While You Are In Goa

STOP, WAIT A MINUTE! YOU LOVE GOA? WE DO TOO! Here is what you can do to minimise your impact while you holiday, do your part towards the responsible tourism movement in Goa. Jason Santos takes you through what you can do to chip in. FUN and frolic underlines the tourism industry in Goa. With

5 Neighbourhoods To Live In North Goa

CITY living today is getting daunting and exhausting what with air quality in the metros dipping to an all time alarming level. Couple it with increased vehicular traffic, incessant construction and a scary rate of deforestation, more and more Indians are slowly gathering courage to let go of the life that has so far been

Kurdi was once Upon A Time, A Village…

A quaint village in South Goa remains submerged for a greater part of the year and resurfaces at the end of long and hard summer. The village of Kurdi is Goa’s very own Atlantis! Let us explore this phenomenal ancestral town of the Kurdikars through our lenses.

Shyam Longani to spruce up your meals @ Taj Exotica Goa

Taj Exotica Goa is all set to reinvent your culinary experiences, with the arrival of Chef Shyam Longani, all the way from Taj Cape Town

Rampuri food festival @ Vivanta by Taj, Panjim

Vivanta by Taj, Panjim recently showcased the exquisite and elusive culinary legacy of the northern district of Uttar Pradesh.

Delicious Goa Rains

Monsoons in Goa don’t just lay out the carpets in vivid shades of green, they bring along with them cravings for the kind of food that comes from farm fresh vegetables and fruit that are in abundance in this season. ‘The monsoon is the perfect time to discover the traditional, local cuisine of Goa. I have jotted here a few recipes that are extremely popular in Hindu households in the rains.

The Village Life

Goan villages are the heart and soul of the landscape of this tropical state. Characterized by close knit communities, traditions weaved in history, abundance of natural resources, stories passed through generations, and much more, the villages of Goa are unique and an integral part of Goa’s culture and history. Images: Rahul Nair (Courtesy The One

Reminisces triggered by Urrak

It’s the season for Goa’s beloved cashew drink; read more about its revered status in the locals’ lives in this article.

Lazy lunches & Sexy Sundowners

Planet Goa goes exploring from Ashvem to Rajbagh! Here are a few of our favourite places to hang out and chill in style this season… ‘There’s never a dull moment in Goa’, said a wise man once. There is just so much to do here, so much to experience and so much still left when

7 Things About Things To Chill You’ll Kick Yourself for Not Knowing

Beat the Heat with these super fun things to do when in Goa during summers…

Ideas for building a Home in Goa

For some, their home is akin to a private sanctuary while for some others, it could be a place to showcase their aesthetic taste. Our homes are an extension of our personality & as Priya Jain, Interior Designer (Inside Job) suggests, its’ best to prioritize your personal preferences instead of getting carried away by market trends.

Music And Dance in Goan Culture

There’s no doubt that Goa is visually extremely appealing, but there’s more to this state than just its beaches. Shobhika Jaju lets you in on the multifarious forms of music and art that define the culture of Goa Ancient treatises like ‘Sangiut Ratnakar’ and ‘Sangiut Samayasar’ make a mention of the Goan music. The Goan

Cultured Cuisine

Art consultant Samira Sheth curated an intimate and exclusive rendezvous between art and cuisine as part of Cashew Trail 2016 at the Park Hyatt Resort & Spa It is not often that you get to share a meal with one of Goa’s most renowned artists, Dr. Subodh Kerkar. And that too, a meal conjured up

Must Visit Hidden Gems in Goa

While the majority of holidayers end up in the tried and tested tourist hotspots, there are those who’ve discovered a little more than just Baga and Calangute. Read on to find out about those 5 hidden gems that are still off the popular tourism radar.