Take a dive into the Watersports Activities in Goa

For long, the popular perception of ‘watersport activities in Goa’ has been limited to mainstream elements such as jet-skis, banana boat rides and parasailing excursions. Additionally, other than shaking a leg to ‘Maria Pitache’ on one of the many cruise vessels, or trying your luck aboard the loud and blingy offshore casinos in the Mandovi river, the list of activities for a fun experience in Goan waters has been rather dry. But if you have done these activities to death and would rather dunk yourself in something that is far more rewarding to the senses and the soul, we have got your back! For the explorer, the curious, and for those with an affinity for the finer things in life, Planet Goa suggests a few offbeat and interesting activities to soak yourself in and explore Goa in style.


Goa is one of the very few places in India where one can experience the true rush of adventure watersports such as surfing, kitesurfing and stand-up paddleboarding done in the company of trained professionals. The quintessential season time – from October to the end of April is a conducive time for surfing –thanks to the thermal winds that keep getting stronger towards the end of the season. Vaayu – an adventure centre in Ashvem, has been conducting training courses in these watersports for the last 6 years. One can opt for surfing courses that are a day-long or of slightly longer duration like 3 to 5 days based on one’s convenience or enthusiasm. The adventure centre also often enjoys families with kids doing the 3-5 day courses. It’s super fun.


Do you know what is sexier than sunbathing on the beach on a bright and sunny day? Bathing in the glory of a full moon on the beach in the night! Adventure Breaks conducts moonlight kayaking excursions every month – during the waxing (increasing) phase of the moon, known in the Hindu lunar calendar as ‘Shukla Paksh’, and from the half moon to the full moon.

The kayaking excursions are held off Bambolim Beach when the bright moonlit sky makes the landscape come alive, in a surreal manner. And if paddling the ocean waters doesn’t excite you enough, wait till you slice the calm waters of the Zuari River under a moonlit sky. The experience is breathtakingly magical. Goa Kayaking conducts moonlight kayaking excursions, usually between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, depending on the tide, from San Jacinto Island, Sancoale, in the Zuari River.


Konkan Explorers, founded by the husband-wife duo of Pascal and Poonam, offers intimate experiences to guests, whilst being sensitive towards the water environment. The duo imparts education about conservation of mangroves and sustainable tourism very subtly through fun activities and excursions. Simply put, Konkan Explorers has two yachts on offer that can accommodate upto 15 people each.

One of the packages that finds takers aplenty is the hour long sunset trip on the yacht where the group can sail in the Chapora river and enjoy the sunset. A longer trip includes a nature trail that also leaves room for the yacht to drop anchor, to allow those onboard to dive in the waters and explore sandbars that appear and disappear every six hours depending upon the tide. The trips are highly customisable based on the size of the group and its requirements. Another important factor that decides the nature of the trip is the approach and the sensitivity levels of the group.


Being sensitive towards the environment is great but we never said the exuberant bunch cannot have their share of fun. The more boisterous too can have their slice of ‘the good life’ on a private yacht or a catamaran, courtesy event and tour operators like Ace Concepts who customise excursions as per the group’s size, requirement and budget. Right from hosting exclusive and intimate celebrations regardless of the occasion, these expert operators have helped plan customised trips on their yachts such as sunset cruise, fishing trips and many more for groups of all sizes.


Not many know that the Goan ocean bed is home to a few ships that could not navigate through the choppy waters and succumbed to them, a few decades ago. These shipwrecks that are surprisingly accessible barely a few metres below the surface, are now an attraction for divers who conduct scuba diving excursions in Goa. The most famous and popular diving place is the sunken British vessel ‘Suzy’ that crashed against the rocks and sunk during the strong sea storm. The shipwreck can be found a short distance from the shore off Grande Island. The near-shore waters are ideal for both, professional divers and beginners.

For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

Author: Planet Goa Team
For us at Planet-Goa, our team is driven by that feeling of exhilaration that one gets when discovering that something ‘unique’ and ‘new’ about Goa for our ever-so-discerning readers.

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