Landing a place on the edge of a hill overlooking the Small Vagator Beach below, Thalassa is privy to an ambience that heightens its every experience. Leaning over the edge of the cliff, the ripples of the ocean waves steal away your gaze, while the whispering wind tickles your soul and calms your spirit, as your taste buds are treated to a lavish Greek spread of decadent delights. With its white decor, terrazzo flooring, rustic wooden shelters and cane furniture, Thalassa takes you on a nostalgic journey reminiscent of Greece. The air is perfumed with a tantalizing aroma of Greek cuisine prepared with the freshest of ingredients and definitely sprinkled with love. From the famous Souvlaki wraps, Kleftiko, the traditional Greek salad (Horiatiki) to the fresh and beautiful sea-food preparations, dining here is sheer joy. The grill at Thalassa is especially well known for its juicy, succulent and tasty kebabs, steaks and whole fish offerings. Each portion befitting a feast spread. The wine, spirits and cocktails blend perfectly with the ambience and culinary delights that Thalassa offers. Each evening a new work of art unfolds and life seems to slow down to a breath and eventually to just a heartbeat. Every fleeting moment is filled with peace and serenity. The music plays with your ears and if you let go, your mind and body begin to dance and sway in the breeze. Every once in a while the traditional and celebratory dance of Greece is performed in Thalassa and everyone is always welcome to join in the festivities. The dance called the “Sirtaki” entails people huddling up in a circle and dancing to the tunes and steps of Zorba the Greek and is also accompanied by the smashing of plates on the floor and showering of flowers on those partaking in the celebrations. With a melody that sings of warmth and sheer bliss, Thalassa is said to be the perfect marriage of Greek hospitality, tranquillity and the vibe of Goa.

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Author: Planet Goa Team
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