The monsoon season may start a bit earlier in Goa !

The monsoon season may start a bit earlier in Goa this year! It may reach Kerala approximately by May 27th. This is a bit earlier than the normal monsoon date.

Even though there is an estimated date for the monsoon over Kerala, the India meteorological department (IMD) can’t really predict when it will reach Goa. This is because the monsoon’s progress towards Goa is reliant on certain factors like the strength of the local weather characteristics.

The normal date of monsoon over Goa is June 5, while for Kerala it is June 1. This year, Kerala’s monsoons are 4-5 days earlier than normal. There isn’t always a 4-day gap between Kerala’s monsoons and Goa’s monsoons. In fact, previous data suggests that there could be no correlation at all. For example, in 2018, the rainy season started in Kerala before the normal date while in Goa it started 2-3 days later than the normal date.

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