Tiatr is a musical theatre which depicts the soul of Goa; truly loved by all Goans

Act 1: The red curtains open and the Backdrop is Mumbai, Costancio Lucasinho Caridade Ribeiro employed with the Italian Opera company is enamored by what he witnesses on stage, the performance of the operetta “The Italian Boy”. When the troupe of performers exit the Indian stage our protagonist is left with the costumes which he now owns.

Act 2: On April 17 1892, a beautiful Easter Sunday Lucasinho Ribeiro with four of his friends as actors bring to life his first take on Tiatr, aiding him in this effort are Caetaninho Fernandes and João Agostinho Fernandes. The first day of 1894, Assagao sees the showcasing of “Italian Burgo” the Konkani adaptation Lucasinho’s inspiration, which was the birth of Tiatr in Goa.

Act 3: Lucasinho Ribeiro mainly translated English Plays to Konkani but João Agostinho Fernandes is heralded as “Pai Tiatrist” or the father of Tiatr with 27 Konkani Tiatr’s to his credit and The first original Tiatr script “Sundori Cavelchi” written and directed by him in 1895.

Act 4: The craze for Tiatr takes Goa by storm and many drama companies are born embracing the musical theatre format so beloved by Goans. The performance involves acts called “Podd’dde” dappled with songs called kantaram. Even after 200 years Tiatr still holds Goans in its sway due to its connection to Grassroots, Political satire, Musings on morality, Prevalent issues and Humour. The audience applauds and hopes that the curtains never close.

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