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The Significance of the Season of Lent in Goa

“You are dust and to dust you shall return…” chants the priest as he smears ashes on the foreheads of Catholics who begin their day in churches all over Goa on Ash Wednesday. SO begins the Season of Lent, a period of forty days where the people can mend their ways, seek forgiveness for ones

The Houses Of Goa Museum

Discover Gerard da Cunha’s museum showcasing the ‘houses of Goa’ The first time I chanced upon the very regal sounding Salvadar-do- Mundo village was when I went in search of Nisha’s school. As I drove down the lane, I was intrigued at being led through a narrow fork, reaching a traffic island. Then boom, almost

Happily Ever After

They say that matches are made in heaven; if that is so then the celebrations deserve a location no less. Read on to find out what makes Goa a paradise for lovers tying the knot The sun and sand of Goa have been the objects of affection for many, and over the years the destination has evolved