Top 5 Things To Do In Goa

Planet Goa lists TOP 5 things to do when you are down in Goa

1) Feni: This spirit which is exclusively produced only in Goa also goes by the name of ‘fenny’ or ‘fenim’. The word ‘feni’ comes from Sanskrit and means froth, made by crushing the cashew fruit, following which it undergoes a distilling processes. Make sure you can hold your alcohol well before you sip on this. While one can drink it neat, you can also mix it with ice, a slice of lime or tonic water.

2) Fado: A soulful rendition, usually of feelings of sorrow or longing, this traditional Portuguese genre of music will definitely pull you in as you empathize with the singer (fadista) who is traditionally garbed in a black dress and shawl and accompanied by the Portuguese guitar, the classical guitar and the bass guitar. Catch a live performance at The Alfama restaurant, Cidade de Goa which has regular fado evening every first Tuesday of the month.

3) Flea market: Are you a shopaholic with a penchant for street shopping and picking up those unusual trinkets? Head over to the Wednesday flea market at Anjuna or the Saturday Night Market at Arpora which are a hit with everyone and offer lovely handicrafts, jewellery and other artefacts. The great music acts also add to the fun filled night.

4) Party: Pick a club, let your hair down and show off those dance moves to some great music. Goa is not known as the party capital for nothing. Titos, Butters, SinQ and Mambos top the list as great party places.

5) Paintball: Get an adrenaline rush at MILSIM, Nuvem as you engage in a fun game of paintball with your group mates. Choose from a range of guns and fire at your mates with capsules containing water soluble dye. A total gaming experience is guaranteed!

Author: Planet Goa Team
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