Transerve A Growing Company That Helps To Manage And Update Big Geo Data For Enterprises

Talk with Ashwanii (Co-Founder), Amarsh (Co-Founder) and Ashish (COO) from Transerve

You hail from?

Transerve has three founders and all are from different parts of India. Ashwanii Rawat comes from Lucknow, Amarsh Chaturvedi comes from Indore and Ashish Raj comes from Delhi. 

What made you start this company in Goa?

Transerve was founded initially in Delhi but later we realised that cost of establishment and cost of living in Delhi being too high was not helping the company in innovation. We decided to shift the core team to a location which will have infrastructure like the major cities and provide additional time for founders to work on the ideas. Delhi being the big city requires a lot of energy in terms of travel, basic subsistence, arranging affordable working space etc as compared to small towns like Panaji which has an excellent environment for budding companies. It was also easy to do a proof of concept in Goa as government officials are easily assessable. Goa also attracts talent from abroad who wants to work on short term internship and challenging ideas.

If you weren’t building your startup in Goa, where would you be located and doing what?

We all would have been working in any of the IT hubs in the country like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Delhi etc. 

What’s your company about (as briefly as possible)?

Transerve helps to manage and update Big Geo Data for enterprises. Leveraging the platform’s capabilities, the users can design forms, collect information on the ground at a large scale with location-integration, manage, analyse and publish it online. The platform has been powering customers in segments like real estate, market research, FMCG, government, agriculture, asset management, smart cities, land records, environment and forests, social development and census. Transerve location platform on the map helps to design applications to derive and share intelligence with all the stakeholders in an organisation.

Is your company about a Product or a Service?

Transerve has a product called Transerve Online Stack which is offered as Software-as-a-Service. It is a web-based platform for pay as you use model. 

What’s unique about your product/services?

We are bringing the disruption by providing the data analytics, visualization and prediction based on location to a common man who does not have experience of spatial technology. With this technology, any user can access the data curated by us on our platform and derive insights without learning the technology and looking for credible sources of data. Small businesses like retail stores owners can also use the technology to find out the locations to open up their stores, local restaurants can plan for the catchment to deliver food effectively etc. The platform is loaded with data like socio-economic profile, demographic profile, census, boundaries, commercial establishments, house addresses, infrastructure details etc. Currently, we are the largest data curator in India and host data on various domains to make the product more horizontal in nature. The product has utility in sectors like real estate, banking, insurance, FMCG, route optimization, asset management, tracking, logistics etc. 

In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?

Our offering is web-based, easy to use analytics platform which is pre-loaded with data for small business from retail stores, restaurants, real estate builders, schools to large corporates who wants to increase distribution, sourcing, logistics to increase market penetration.  

Do you also serve International clients from and in Goa itself?

Yes, we have clients across the globe. 

Do you and your team head to any beach/waterfall for getting refreshed? Which one normally?

Yes. We prefer jungle trails or hang out on beaches like Candolim and Banolim

Do you have Happy Hours during the week? When? How does that help?

Well, most of the Happy Hours are over the weekend in small companies or when we get a new business or overshoot our targets. Currently, things have become difficult because of the unprecedented situation but Transerve is on a growth path and is hopeful of overshooting the targets for 2020-21. 

What do you love about your team?

Our team has diversity. People from all across the country are working with us not just in Goa but in Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar and Hyderabad. 

Do you miss your other office locations while you are in Goa?

Yes, we miss other offices due to travel restrictions. 

How did you manage uncertainty, if any, in the early stages of business in Goa?

Transerve is a very disciplined company and always focuses on efficiency. We believe in Japanese conduct of business where time and effectiveness are measured in every aspect of business as minutely as on daily basis. 

Any challenges that you are facing or faced while building your startup in Goa?

Sometimes we do face problems with employees travelling from far to our office in Goa especially those who are locals. The road transport needs improvement in Goa especially the quality of roads. The public transport needs a lot of attention so that employees can save time on travel and have to save the journey to and fro. 

Anything else that you would like to mention the ‘startup’ Business in Goa?

Goa is an excellent place but Goa IT policy has not been effective though it was an excellent initiative of Govt of Goa. The policy has the power to transform the state from more than a tourist economy to startup hub like silicon valley in India.

Do you have a Business in Goa?

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