Two more biodiversity heritage sites in Goa!

Good news! Two more places in Goa will be getting declared as biodiversity heritage sites – Rivona plateau and the Chicalim bay.

Let’s understand more about these beautiful places. The Rivona plateau has a very endangered flora species – Dipcadi goaense. On the other hand, another critically endangered species, the window-pane oyster or the placuna placenta, lives in the Chicalim bay. They are located in between St Anthony chapel and Vareg island.

When a place is made a biodiversity heritage site, then the local panchayat, land tenants/ owners, and the local biodiversity management committee are responsible for managing the place. Any usage of the land that will damage the ecosystem of the site is prohibited. However, traditional activities like fishing, farming, etc, are allowed.

Major water bodies in Goa and a large area in Curtorim village are biodiversity heritage sites also.

(Image used for representational purpose only)

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