Umang An IT Company Which Is Managed By A Techie Couple In Goa

Talk with Mangirish Salelkar and Uma Salelkar (Founders – Umang )

What made you start this Company in Goa?

Goa is a talent hub, there are many talented engineers in Goa. Looking at the opportunities and foreseeing what Goa could become in future we made our base in Goa. When we started in 2009, the word startup was not a buzz, but we definitely knew our vision to mark Goa on the world map. At the moment, Goa has been making tremendous progress in IT sector but it could be better if the ecosystem becomes more positive and companies work in more collaborative manner.

You are the only Techie couple in Goa who are partners for life and business. How do you feel?

Uma and Mangirish married in the year 2008 and soon after in 2009 started UMANG. They have been in the same engineering college same batch and with the experience, they carried they thought of starting a venture together. Definitely, it’s a challenge to draw lines between personal and professional life when you have your spouse with you at work. But they do an excellent balancing act and drive their vision to grow this employee-oriented company in Goa.

What’s your company about ?

UMANG is an IT service company where we develop, maintain and re-engineer web, desktop, mobile applications. Basically we are like mini-infosys of Goa. We work in technologies such as Delphi, Java, Python, iOS, Android, .Net, PHP and 20+ other technologies.

Is your Company about a Product or a Service?

We’re majorly into IT services like Application Development, Maintenance and Re-Engineering. UMANG stands strong in some of the trending areas of technology such as Blockchain, IoT, AI, Data Science and so on.

What’s unique about your product/services?

Sometimes you see same service or product offered in various places but what makes it special is the provider and the way they understand what exactly do you want and also guide you further. From the first meeting to the end of the project, we make sure we keep transparency with our clients and documentations in place. There are protocols and procedures we follow at UMANG which are improved periodically to have a systematic and effective flow.

In a few sentences, what do you offer to whom?

We offer application development services, to industries or organisation that demand automation. In today’s world, organizations with a customized application save a lot of time. Web and Mobile application have gained a lot of popularity recently in this pandemic, many of the regular stores can be seen having an ecommerce website now. Moving to Cloud is the next task for every business.

Does your company also serve International clients from and in Goa itself?

Besides being an ISO quality certified company, we hold a status of 100% Exported Oriented Unit given by STPI. We have our clients across the globe. Over the last 11 years, we’ve worked on various kind of projects, from different regions. Time zones and language barriers are some of the challenges we face from time to time, however, we effectively deliver the projects with the best results within the stipulated time.

Do you and your team head to any beach/waterfall for getting refreshed? Which one normally?

At UMANG, we have 2 picnics a year, a nightout and atleast one major event every month. Last year because of pandemic we couldn’t do much but we had a good time during Diwali and Christmas. We have fun week in December like how we have in colleges, where we have many events and games followed by Christmas celebration. All festivals are celebrated to its fullest at UMANG. Last year the Christmas Crib at UMANG was extraordinary, really good job by Team UMANG.

Do you have Happy Hours during the week? When? How does that help?

In our industry, team needs timely breaks due to the pressure tasks. We also encourage very healthy and friendly environment, where we have lots of interactive session and games for team building and personality development.

What do you love about your team?

Each one of our team members has been handpicked by us. We have a team who’re great at what they do but more importantly, are humble and have the right attitude towards everything. Our team has been a very important part to what UMANG is today.

What is Umedikoids?

It’s a name which defines Team UMANG. ‘Umed’ in Konkani means Enthusiasm, Enthusiasm in Hindi means UMANG, which is a factor which drives mankind. To give it a bit of a techie feel, we call to refer the young energetic team as ‘Umedikoids’.

Tell us more about your 2021 and future business plans?

UMANG has recently opened its registered office in San Jose, California. It is located in Silicon Valley Business Center in the heart of the world’s IT capital and right next to the San Jose International Airport with easy access to major highways. We’re planning to build a sales team in the coming months.

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