Launched by Goa based sustainability organization Sensible Earth the popular MakaNakaPlastic (Konkani for ‘I don’t want plastic’) movement turns old clothing into upcycled reusable bags made by local women as an alternative to the single use plastic bag for everyday use. So far the project has made 50000 bags, trained 62 women and upcycled 35,000 garments.


Zero-Posro is a social enterprise conceived by Sensible Earth that is making everyday sustainability convenient by creating packaging, storing, transporting and delivering techniques that eliminate the use of single use plastic for agricultural produce both raw and processed, a majority of which are sourced locally. They have recently launched India’s first Mobile Zero Waste EV that delivers produce to the doorstep of customers.

Encouraging Start- Ups in the Sustainable Space

Build3, the recently established startup studio in Goa helps ESG (Environment Social and Governance) aligned startups grow. What they are building is a one-of-a-kind integrated and innovative community that supports the development of startups that positively impact the mind, body and earth. Going beyond the contours of the conventional startup ecosystem, it’s a future “where minimalism, sustainability, wellness, personal development, self-reliance, wealth distribution, and community living are the norm”.

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