Utorda Beach

Utorda beach lies to the north of the very popular Majorda beach. The beautiful beach is flanked by a long stretch of palm trees and white sands which slope gently into the Arabian sea. Utorda is fairly less crowded than the other beaches in this stretch and is a great beach to go for a dip into soothing waters.

The Betalbatim fishing village nearby is a quaint Goan village which offers a good insight into the ‘susegad’ Goan life. A cycle ride or a walk through the villages or across the long stretch of the beach is a good way to explore the place.

Things to do: Visit the Our Lady of Remedios Church, built by Jesuits in 1630, it was reconstructed in 1807. The place is steeped in history. Go in for watersports at the beach to soothe the adventurous streak in you. Have seafood at the shacks which dot the beach or relax and enjoy the soothing atmosphere.

Location: South Goa, 10 kilometers from Margao and 30 kilometers from Panjim. The closest railway station is Margao.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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