Vacation responsibly with these Eco-Stays in Goa

Team Planet Goa takes you through some of the most offbeat and fascinating resort properties across Goa, which are also doing their bit by reducing their carbon footprints and blending as one with nature.

Date: 8th February | Text: Shobhika Jaju| Images: By the properties mentioned here

Over the past decade, if there has been one collective voice across the world, then that has been about climate change. There is just too much going on around us, and we have to make a choice of conscious consumption.

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Very often, we have to digress from our eco-conscious lifestyle choices, while vacationing. But the trend is changing now, with more & more high-end resorts, vacation rentals, etc., choosing to go the sustainable & eco-conscious way. Be it in the choice of reusable water bottles, organic linen, zero to minimal plastic on the property, & more, most hotels, resorts, rental homes, etc., are making whatever changes they can to take less and give more to the environment.

In essence, an eco-stay or an eco-resort refers to properties which adapt environmentally sustainable practices (e.g., no plastic), or have made important environmental improvements to its structure (e.g., using wood instead of cement for the accommodation), in order to minimize its impact on the natural environment.

In more recent times, Goa has been blessed with some of the best eco-stays one can find across the country. These properties range from luxury 5-star resort style stays, to completely blended with the nature jungle or beach hut stays. There is a way for every type of traveler, to find a way to consume mindfully, while in Goa.

While the list of properties in Goa, who have moved towards environmentally sustainable practices, is actually a long one; we have rounded up a few of the best eco-stay properties from Goa for you to pick from. These selections belong to different categories of stay, and provide vastly different experiences to the guests.

Cabo Serai – Eco Resort, Canaguinim

Overlooking the vast Arabian Sea, from the popular Cabo De Rama cliff, Cabo Serai is the penultimate destination resort property, when it comes to doing all things eco-conscious. Every element at the property, right from its designing, architecture, to the food served, and the experiences curated here, are an attempt to blend in with the natural surroundings around.

Spread over 14 acres of lush green hills, and with luxury wooden cabins and tents, perched 100 feet above on the hills, the view from your rooms, is literally one to die for. Each room offers unparalleled luxury, and expansive views of the Arabian Sea. Luxury does not have to come at the cost of nature, and Cabo Serai as an eco-resort, communicates this in every possible way.

Every natural element which was originally present at the property, has been preserved or highlighted in some way or the other. For instance, once at the gates of the property, travelers have to cross a wooden bridge over a freshwater spring which literally mesmerizes through its sheer beauty and strong sounds. The welcome drink is served in carved out coconut shells, setting the tone for an offbeat eco-friendly resort stay. The rooms are thoughtfully curated and are in sync with the nature outside; the property in true essence gives back to nature more than it takes from it. The use of coconut shells to plant trees all around the property, and within the rooms is just one example of making the most of what nature is offering here.

Food at Cabo Serai has been curated keeping in mind the philosophy of farm-to-table. Be it the appetizing yet healthy Zucchini Pasta or the variety of cold soups or even the mouthwatering chocolate mousse, everything is freshly prepared from ingredients sourced locally. With a vast area of cashew plantation, the Goan Cashew is given its pride of place in the meals cooked.

The beach is just a short walk away downhill. A must do activity is Forest Bathing, which essentially involves a silent walk on the slopes along the property meandering through the stream, coconut grove, cashew plantations and taking in the sights and sounds from all around. The area is rich in bio-diversity and a bird trail is ideal for photographers who delight in capturing these elusive creatures. Wellness cooking, heritage walks to the nearby fort, village tours of the community around the resort, yoga, and meditation, are just some of the other experiences, much recommended to ensure that this staycation becomes a once in a lifetime experience. Cabo Serai is the perfect getaway for the traveler who wants to lose himself amid nature, yet values comfort while doing so.

Pro tip: Go for breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea


Khaama Khetna – Eco Village, Agonda

If you want to experience slow, sustainable and spiritual living, then Khaama Khetna Eco Village is the place for you. Priding themselves for living in harmony with nature, this eco-friendly property, is spread across 12 acres of sub-tropical forest, and provides accommodation in traditionally hand-crafted cottages & treehouses. Yes, treehouses in Goa! And that too just 3 kms away from the popular Agonda beach in South Goa.

Surrounded by vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and untamed nature in all directions, this is truly the place to be if you want to enjoy a stay close to nature. Khaama Khetna allows the eco-conscious traveler to switch off from the everyday consumeristic lifestyle, and promotes slow mindful consumption. Be it food, accommodation, or the experiences like Yoga curated here, the whole philosophy of Khaama Khetna, is to “live more with less”.

Some of the sustainable practices this eco-stay offers, include the overall architecture of the place, organic farming & conservation projects, soil regeneration projects, waste and water management & conservation, including the recycling of waste into energy, to name a few. With the focus on living in harmony with nature, sustainable ways of cooking food, minimalistic lifestyle, and wellbeing practices like meditation, etc., are going to be an integral part of your stay here.

The aim is to be one with nature, amid the jungle wilderness and not, mold the natural surroundings to one’s comfort. Every eco-cottage and treehouse, is unique in design & entirely handcrafted using natural or upcycled materials, and is minimalistic in design & décor. The stay options come with a private garden terrace & open-air washroom, minimal but sufficient lighting and power points to reduce unnecessary resource consumption, and a cold-water shower for that true back-to-nature experience. They also have multi-bedroom treehouses, for families or large groups travelling together.

Khaama Khetna is your perfect jungle stay, with all basic comforts and an opportunity to reset life in the ways of the jungle (nature).

Pro tip: Switch off when you want or head to the nearby Palolem, Agonda beaches.

The Postcard Hideaway, Netravali

Nestled among the lush green hills of Netravali in South Goa, The Postcard Hideaway is “the” property to check in at, if you want to enjoy a slice of the “Superlem Sobit Goa”. With only 20 wood cabins, spread around 20 acres of property, you get to be in a totally quiet space of your own, while staying right in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary.

If you are seeking solitude, while still staying in touch with all things’ luxury, there is no better option in the state right now. Each room is designe in such a way, that it blends with the natural surroundings around. With the resort’s emphasis on preserving nature, you are welcomed to a room, which is not just entirely made of the natural material of wood, but also pays close attention to every detail to reduce carbon footprints. For example, glass water bottles, no plastic cutlery, digitized bills, etc. are just some little ways in which the property is trying to minimize resource wastage.

Each room at this hideaway, comes with its own wooden deck which overlooks, acres and acres of lush green Netravali hills and wildlife sanctuary. With zero mobile network at the property (WIFI on the property is beyond excellent), you have the perfect excuse to switch off for the duration of your stay. The swimming pool at the property provides an unhindered view of the green oasis beyond, and indeed invites you to abandon all worries while just enjoying yourself.

There is also a beautiful relaxing zone next to the pool, and also the only place at the entire property where you can watch television; which according to me is a bliss because if you are to truly claim that you are doing your bit for the nature while vacationing, you need to keep the television viewing to the minimum. Go for treks / cycle around on the well laid out red-stone paths throughout the day, and make sure to call an electric buggy after dark, since you are staying in the jungle. For the spa lovers, not only do you have a luxurious spa, but you also have a very private jacuzzi in the middle of the wilderness.

At The Postcard Hideaway, right from the moment you walk in, the food (& drinks), which are served, are an attempt to stay true to the local Goan heritage, and most of the produce served here, is locally sourced. When we talk about eco-stays, an integral part of it is about minimizing the carbon footprints that come with sourcing foreign produce, and storing large quantities of raw food. At Postcard, while almost any edible item under the sun can be sourced for your pleasure, the emphasis is to push the local cuisine & locally sourced food on the menu; and everything is sourced fresh and cooked fresh, thus avoiding food wastage.

With a concept of anytime breakfast, the resort also does away with the very often not-so-pleasant breakfast buffets. And everything that you can find at a buffet, is served fresh in smaller portions by itself on the breakfast table. Being ecologically conscious is also about eating mindfully, and this is a habit you easily pick on at, at this beautiful property.

So, if you are looking for staying close to nature, and without doing any harm to the bounty around you. The Postcard Hideaway at Netravali, is the most luxurious opportunity you will ever get to do that.

Pro tip: Go for excursions around to the nearby Netravali jungle, soak in the waterfalls, or visit the strawberry farm.

Stone Water Eco Resort, Vasco Da Gama

If you want a slice of luxury eco-stay in the heart of a bustling city, look no further than the Stone Water Eco Resort at Santrem beach, Vasco Da Gama.

The rooms at the property have been designed to blend in with nature, with warm earthy colours and wooden textures characterizing the 25 wooden houses. These are spread over a vast area of the resort, and offer the traveler a chance to experience life in true Goa style. The chalets, are made using natural materials and try to minimize the use of synthetic materials as much as possible. At the property itself, you may choose to indulge in long walks, beach outing, a spa day, among other things. This is the perfect place when you want all the hotel stay comforts, while experiencing life close to nature.
Pro tip: Very close to the dabolim airport and equal distance from Margao & Panjim.

Red Crab Eco-Resort, Cabo de Rama

Built in 2018, the resort was developed in an ecological style where the cottages blend in with the natural surroundings, and have been built only using earth friendly materials. Each room opens to a breathtaking view, and the overall property aims to minimize its carbon footprints by using as many eco-conscious practices as possible.

This fairly new resort is also making all attempts to serve fresh and organic food at its in-house restaurant. Equipped with all modern amenities, at its core the resort’s philosophy is to value and treasure nature, in all it’s glory.

Overlooking the breathtaking Arabian Sea from every location possible, opt for a stay at the Red Crab when you want to just relax with the sea literally around you, and when you also don’t want to feel guilty about mindless consumption.

Pro tip: Near the popular Cabe de Rama fort, and perfect for sunset views.


There are several other properties which also offer unique eco-stay options in Goa, a trend which is fast catching and hopefully, is here to stay as travelers become more discerning with their choices.

Mangaal Farmstay, at Quepem offers slow living options, like farm-to-table culinary experiences, an opportunity to try your hand at farming, or even connect with the local community during your stay in Goa. With experiences like community dining, meditation and wellbeing events, opportunity to lounge by the stream, and more, this is a unique eco- stay that should be on every traveler’s list.

Bhakti Kutir, a health and nature resort, located in the popular beach belt of Palolem, is a resort that spans across two acres of coconut grove. It offers a stay in unique cabanas, designed using local materials like rice straw and bamboo. The restaurant serves fresh, local and seasonal food, and focuses on avoiding excessively processed and genetically modified produce. Ideal for when you are looking at experiencing an organic life, while staying with the modern comforts, Bhakti Kutir is the go-to place for Yoga, meditation and ayurvedic practices.

So go ahead, take your pick and enjoy your vacation while consciously saving the nature too.

Author: Planet Goa Team
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