Vagator Beach

The beach itself is not without drama. Set beautifully against a cliff, Vagator Beach is clean and quite secluded. A seaside headland divides Vagator Beach into two. The headland itself holds the car park and stalls selling snacks, clothes and trinkets. As you face the sea, on your right is north Vagator Beach (Big Vagator) and on your left lies Ozran Beach, popularly known as Little Vagator Beach.

Little Vagator is undeniably beautiful and offers picturesque vistas of the red ramparts of Chapora Fort. Vagator is a relatively quiet beach and lacks Baga and Calangute’s noisy crowds of tourists and hawkers so you can enjoy your privacy here. And although it is a flat beach itself, swimmers have mixed feelings about swimming here. Some say it’s easy to get in the water while others feel that the black sands and rocky landscape can put one off. So while Vagator may not be ideal for playing in the water, it’s a nice spot to take in some clean, quiet scenic beauty and enjoy the refreshing breeze.

Things to do: Head to Chronicle or Nine Bar, high above Ozran beach at sunset for their early evening parties. If partying is not your thing then the best place to view the sunset and the stretch of the beach before you is from the nearby Chapora Fort.

These are ruins of an old Portuguese fort. The way up to the fort is a little steep, but it should be okay for anyone with reasonably good physical condition. Location: North Goa, 9 kilometers (5 miles) from Mapusa and 22 kilometers (14 miles) from Panaji. The closest railway station is Thivim.

Image Credits: Luan Piragib

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