Watersports activities in Goa are frozen?

Watersports activities in Goa are frozen? The government has put a stop to granting permissions for watersports. This is because they want to slightly change the permissions. Another plan of theirs is to make sure the state’s beaches are safe and clean to attract tourists.

The Captain of Ports (CoP) hands out the no-objection certificate (NoC) for water sports activities. This is done without checking if the tourism department has given permission. The process is that after getting CoP’s permission, the registration facilitation counter has to be approached for an NoC which then has to be taken back. It’s messy. So, every NoC for watersports will be frozen until the whole process is reviewed.

The state government will soon be launching an app to connect tourists to industry stakeholders. Tourism minister Rohan Khaunte wants to have 24/7 police presence on Goa’s beaches, beach cleaning sessions, CCTV cameras, and proper lighting.

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