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Spending a weekend in Goa and not clubbing is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. Doesn’t matter if you’re a business traveller, family vacationer, or a resident; the weekend party scene in Goa starts at 11 in the night goes one till whenever you want it to so put on your swag, smell all good, carry the dough, and party till your mind blows! To make sure that you get the best of Goan weekend madness, we have chalked out some places that rock above and beyond the metropolis perception of clubbing.

  1. Club Cubana
    Club Cubana, an open-air nightclub is one of Goa’s most popular party spots. Every now and then when I’m at a random club meeting some random people, I definitely hear a girl screaming ‘Let’s go to cabanaaaaaaa!!!’. With DJ’s playing commercial house music, hip-hop and R&B; who wouldn’t want to stomp the night away at this hell of a club. The club exclusively draws fun party crowds and glamorous clubbers especially on weekends. Club Cubana features several dance floor levels, a swimming pool and multiple outdoor terraces overlooking palm trees, and of course, the sea. The surrounding jungle, panoramic views and candlelit cabanas make for a surreal party ambiance. Voted one of the best clubs on this planet you are very likely to come back to Goa again and again for more smashing nights at Club Cubana.
  2. Ivy
    When I think of parties in Goa, the first thing that pops up in my head is trying to walk down Tito’s lane in a straight line without tripping. You know what I mean don’t you? It’s where the most happening nightclubs are and it’s where Ivy is nestled. The part that makes Ivy stand tall amongst the heavy competition in the lane is that it consistently serves up fresh talent and plays host to a multitude of musical tastes. It’s not surprising that Ivy has hosted, on previous occasions,  uperstars of the Indian dance music fraternity such as DJ Lloyd, Ryan Beck, and DJ Inferno. The genres and styles of music on offer at Ivy evolve each day and this is what makes it a hot spot for the ever exploring party lover. Saturdays are truly well spent at Ivy, as they always work towards coming up with a set of unique events so if you want to get smashed and ‘jivey’, drop in at Ivy.
  3. Club Tito’s
    Spread over 5000 square feet and equipped to accommodate over 500 party animals, Club Tito’s at Radisson Blu, Cavelossim offers a wide range of world class exotic cocktails, international beverage brands and delicious food in an exquisite and luxurious ambience. With its state-of-the-art FX, spectacular lighting and 10,000 watts pure pulsating sound, you’ll be compelled to put on your dancing shoes and hit the floor. The club is going to host myriad international DJs and artists in the coming season and while it currently has its weekly nights packed with themes like ‘Divas Invite’ – Ladies Nights, ‘Bollywood Madness Nights’ – 100% desi music nights, ‘Russian Xtacy’ – Russian Music Night, ‘Saturday Super Jam’ –International EDM Music, ‘Sunday GrooveTonic’ – House and Commercial Music Nights and a lot more programmed for the season so hop to Club Tito’s and find out.
  4. Leopard Valley
    What is clubbing for you? Is it just drinks, loud music, and dancing or is it beyond that? There’s only one way to find out and that is, experiencing clubbing at Leopard Valley. One fine day when Subnation Stageworks was exploring a jungle quarry in Agonda, they found a hidden gem and knew exactly how to polish it. And thus, Leopard Valley was born. When in this party jungle, the drum beats cut through the silence, the flames light up the night sky, and as you dance in the lap of nature; the evolution of clubbing begins. But it all began when Clint Hale, founder of Subnation Stageworks found a shrubby piece of land and envisioned a futuristic yet sublime nightclub with his partner Peter Smith. Together with the owner they shared the vision and set to work turning their vision into a floor smashing reality. With a bespoke stagethat would fit in with the look and natural elements of the venue and the old columns shooting fire off the top; the venue can hold upto 3,000 clubbers under the stars. If you’re looking to make your weekends truly worthwhile, this is the kind of clubbing that you should most definitely experience.
  5. Curlies
    Remember I told you how I overhear people in random clubs on weekends? There are another kind of clubbers who are likely to be wearing a kurta and a herum and yell out ‘Let’s go to curlieeees!’. If you’ve ever clubbed in Goa, I’m sure you must’ve noticed similar screams; it was most likely me who’d be screaming this out after four dinks. Curlies, one of the oldest and most celebrated beach shacks in Anjuna, is an ultimate Saturday night place if you’re looking to trip into some wild psychedelic and progressive trance. Located right at the beach with dimly lit candles on the table and UV lights on the dance floor, Curlies also boasts of some kickass food to snack on and surprisingly exceptional service.

Text: Shubham Gupta

Pics courtesy: Club Cubana

Author: Planet Goa Team
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