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You are probably reading this column while waiting for an appointment, a meeting, or simply at home sprawled on your couch. Take a moment here and look within yourself to

Life In The Sunshine State Of Goa Post The Pandemic

Doors finally opened to Goa for tourists in August 2021. Considering how the entire state depends upon tourism for economic success, the lockdown had been harsh on the revenue-generating channels.

Coping with the “Reintegration Anxiety”

It took a pandemic for people to wake up and pay attention to their mental health. And as the world reopens, Psychologist Shobhika Jaju explores a phenomenon that many people

Walk into the Natural Spa in Goa

IT was very sunny that day and Xanti was leaving in a week’s time. I wanted to show her a side of Goa that has not been much talked about

Steps That One Can Take To Keep Depression Away

As rain clouds engulf the skies, Clinical Psychologist Shobhika Jaju shares quick tips to bid adieu to those recurrent “monsoon blues”. Quite like monsoons in Goa! Lush greenery all around,