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Gold, silver, rose, herbal, pearl there seem to be a whole host of facials out there that you can choose from or get confused over! And now, we have hydrotherapy – a facial with more of a medicated aspect. Hydrotherapy is rapidly gaining a loyal following. It is offered at WESS or Wanda’s Eye and Skin Solutions, a cosmetic skin and eye clinic in Miramar. The treatment begins with a skin consultation with Dr. Wanda, an aesthetic dermatologist. You then proceed to lie down and enjoy a blissful face massage with your appointed therapist. The hydrotherapy then begins where a saline solution is sprayed on your face with a pipette. The spray is quite pleasant and refreshing once you get used to the sensation and being non-intrusive, there is no discomfort involved. This is followed by exfoliation, also with the pipette where your skin is cleansed and literally washed completely clean. A thick mask is then applied and you can, in consultation with the dermatologist, choose what suits your skin concern best – either a mask for glow, acne or pigmentation. The final step after the mask is removed is to spray your skin again and infuse it with vitamins, again using the pipette. Apart from replenishing your skin and hydrating it, the personal skin analysis, the professional atmosphere and individual attention are what make this treatment a winner. WESS also offers a host of other specialist treatments for acne and pigmentation management to create radiant, glowing skin. The clinic offers treatments such as hair loss management, skin tag removal, medicated facials and jet peels as well as pain-free laser hair reduction, acne scar laser treatment, botox, fillers, mesotherapy for hair loss and facial rejuvenation, pre party peels, platelet-rich plasma treatment for hair loss and facial rejuvenation are also offered.

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