What made me settle in Goa – Shweta Mukherjee (Mili)

Shweta Mukherjee (Mili) – Lifestyle Photographer | Plant Stylist | Sustainable Gardener

February 2023

I hail from:


The first time I came to Goa

In 2007.

What made me want to settle in Goa

The beauty of the land and people. It gave me the option of a holistic living. Also, less chaotic in terms of choices at various level, especially for my little one.

Here, I keep myself occupied with:

My work (lifestyle photographer, sustainable fashion, plant styling), family, dogs and gardening

My favourite dining place in Goa is

Gun powder

My must-visit recommendations in Goa are

Divar island without disturbing the peace and calmness of the places.

What I would never do in Goa is:

Bring the city culture here, that I long left behind.

What I would change in Goa:

Revive the simplicity that Goa that we all cherish and which is slowly fading away

My tips to people who want to move here are

If you are moving here, expect a 360-degree change in way of living. Best is to leave the city life and its way behind.

Life in Goa to me is all about

Engaging in local way of living and customs. Also, choosing the path of sustainability and purpose led life, with inclusivity.

A place in Goa that calms you down/ makes you happy:

My garden.

Must-do things in Goa:

Explore the nature, learn more about local traditions. Plant walks and local experiences.

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