When Pomegranates Howl – Film Review (IFFI 2021)

Based on a true story, this beautiful and touching film is set in war-stricken Kabul. Two young boys push a cart in the streets selling pomegranates and balloons to support their families. Catching the eye of an Aussie photographer who is in Kabul for an assignment, he takes several photos of the two boys.  The imagination of the boys gets fired up, and one dreams of becoming a film star and the other a singer.

Using creative fun games, the duo becomes heroes amongst the local boy community.  A huge bomb explosion occurs. Their dreams are instantly aborted. Martyrdom. The grieving family refuse to accept the photos offered to them by the photographer. Yet it is used by NatGeo for the cover story. When Pomegranates Howl is a moving film which captures the innocence of children and the violence of the times.

The back story is equally touching. In solidarity with the situation, the Australian government funded this 80-minute film, subtly ensuring that the lives of the two young boys would never be forgotten (nor the violence forgiven). 

Director : Granaz Moussavi

Text: Shangon das Gupta

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