Wicked Liquid Brunch

Brunch, a neat little blend of breakfast and lunch first appeared in print in the year 1895 in Britain in an article in the Hunter’s weekly. Given the proclivity of the British to use ‘smashwords’ such as WILL-KAT or the recent BREXIT, I can well imagine them coming up with the term.

AND that is exactly what the Grand Hyatt Goa ‘wicked Liquid brunch’ does. They stretch the limits of the quintessential brunch to include free access to the swimming pool, fitness center and the steam and sauna. If the food itself is not enough to whet your appetite, a good work out prior to lunch or even a morning of zorbing in the swimming pool is sure to make you hungry. So for the wicked liquid brunch, the essential thing is the liquids and how wicked you’re willing to go. The meal begins with a farm of Bloody Mary’s for the picking, going on to ‘make your own cocktails’ bar, green teas and detox waters from the health bar, to some inspired cocktails specially crafted for the occasion which include things like chocolate coated bacon strips, if you wish you can shake and stir your own poison as well. A children’s drinks counter which makes yummilicious oreo shakes, and ending the meal with coffee based also adds on to the wickedness of the brunch. For those who do not feel that wicked, there are tamer versions of all of the above aswell. What really impressed me at the buffet was the attention to detail. Each cheese each had its own shelf and was paired with their perfect accompaniments. The breads had their own cart thus allowing them to be relished both visually as well as gastronomically. The carving bar had a rack of lamb and pork belly, both with a host of well paired accompaniments. The pasta bar again came with their own choice of toppings and accompaniments. The barbeque steered clear of the pedantic chicken and fish, and went beyond the predictable with pork chops and pork sausages, local fish and prawns. The sushi bar was fresh with thoughtfully prepped mouthfuls. The Indian food included street food and chaat items. The salad bar had exotic pairings each in their own little amuse bouche servings.

The menu and spread change each week to keep guests guessing and coming back for more. Just the sheer scale of the food on display can leave you quite satiated, because you are essentially drinking it all in with your eyes. By the time we were done having brunch we were right into high tea; the dessert bar and the coffee bar were the perfect ways to start high tea and end the brunch. With a choice of hot, cold and laced coffees to go with the cakes, pastries and tarts from the dessert bar, you were spoiled for choice. Brunch, the world over is no longer just about the food, it is about the experience; whether you wish to experience a languorous relaxed Sunday, or an adventurous high energy activity filled one, or a sinful boozy afternoon with friends, or a family and kid friendly day with children, the wicked liquid brunch pretty much covers it all.


Author: Planet Goa Team
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