Taxis in Goa through an app?

Soon, taxis will be able to be booked through an app, according to CM Pramod Sawant. The government has already started working on this. Their plan was to make app-based taxis available before the tourist season begins. The tourism season starts in the first week of October. Local, private taxis are against the app-based taxi

Bars and casinos to remain shut tomorrow

As tomorrow is Gandhi Jayanti, all bars including bar counters at hotels and restaurants have to remain shut. This applies to liquor outlets, retail and wholesale, as well. Even casinos can’t operate on Sunday. This order was announced on Friday. This decision was taken to show respect for Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.

Siroi Lifestyle Store: Contemporary Art, lifestyle products, and Indian craftsmanship in a Goan heritage home!

In the quiet sleepy Parra village of Goa, lies a hidden gem amongst luxurious spaces and quaint cafes. It is the Siroi Lifestyle Store, a branch of Sapna Kabra Art Studio, that has wonderful combinations of Indian craftsmanship and contemporary designs that’ll bring an aesthetic look into anyone’s home. Lifestyle consultant Sapna Kabra chose the

Goa’s Tourism Stakeholders put the spotlight on Sustainability on World Tourism Day

The Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG), SKAL Goa, and Goa Tourism celebrated the 42nd edition of World Tourism Day with a series of events to underline the importance of adopting a sustainable approach, conserving heritage and rethinking tourism. In attendance was Tourism Secretary Shri Ravi Dhavan and Dr. Ganesh Gaonkar, Chairman, GTDC in

An app to report potholes?!

Soon, citizens will be able to complain about potholes on Goa roads through a public grievances app. This app will let complaints come in directly. After which the potholes will be repaired immediately, according to Nilesh Cabral, Minister for Public Works. The chief, assistant, and even junior engineers who don’t act on the complaints received

Goa bars to have secret code words?

Are creepy men making you feel unsafe? To keep women in Goa safe as they enjoy the vibrant nightlife, some bars now have secret codes. This is already practised in some foreign countries to help women who are feeling uncomfortable in certain situations. Some bars/ pubs are even going to train their staff to have

From Us, To our lovely Daughter

International Daughter’s Day is celebrated world wide to appreciate them and recognise the challenges daughters face. From fighting patriarchy at every step of their life to the various safety concerns, daughters have often lived their lives in survival mode. Every parent wants to make the world a better and safer place for their daughters but,

TTAG, SKAL Goa and Goa Tourism to celebrate World Tourism Day with a focus on sustainability

While World Tourism Day will be celebrated globally across nations on 27th September, the Travel and Tourism Association of Goa (TTAG) in collaboration withSKAL Goa and Goa Tourism are gearing up for a day long celebration with a spate of events and activities lined up which will be open to all without a fee. Registrations

Cricket Icon Yuvraj Singh is Hosting an Exclusive Stay at his Goa Home on Airbnb

Yuvraj Singh becomes the first international cricket superstar in India to become an Airbnb Host International cricket icon Yuvraj Singh is becoming an Airbnb Host and offering an exclusive one-time-only stay for a group of six at his home in Goa, India. Perched on a hilltop with spectacular views of the sea beyond, Singh’s home


RG Marathon Championship 2022 – A conscious effort to create awareness towards Healthy Living RG Hospital, Goa is once again set to organise the biggest marathon of the year under the theme ‘A Conscious Effort To Create Awareness Towards Healthy Living’ on Sunday, 25th September 2022 at Goa University Ground, Near Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium,

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